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The Complexities of Home

Emily Dickinson said "Where Thou art—that—is home", but we're not so sure. We tell our co-workers that we are going home at the end of the day, and then tell our friends we are going home for the weekend. We write home, call home, fly home, feel homesick, still live at home, are homebodies, and become homeless. We root for home-teams, check-in at home base, and work from home. We have friends back home, watch home videos, and encounter things that remind of us home. We are looking for a new home, build or buy homes, and we make ourselves at home.

It may be a structure, spatially defined with four walls and a roof, but for others, it’s a community, a moment in time, a group of people, smiles or scowls. Some eagerly return home given any opportunity, some avoid it at all costs, and some can’t find a way to get out. Some carry home with them, some spend their entire lives trying to find it.

Home is complicated, but then again, so are we.

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